Bicycle and Velocipede Patent Art Prints


Chain Driven U.S. Bike Patents

We have hundreds of vintage bicycle patent illustrations. All of the U.S. patent drawings have been restored and enhanced so they look great on small prints to wall posters for framed art.
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1937 bicycle patent drawing
1937 Bicycle headlamp generator that runs off the front wheel.

1937 vintage bicycle patent drawing
1937 Bicycle headlamp and generator.

1902 Recumbent bicycle patent drawing
1902 Recumbent bicycle by Jarvis.

1892 vintage bicycle patent drawing
1892 Spring suspension at wheel hubs. Hand brakes.

1890 vintage bicycle patent drawing
1890 Chain driven large wheeled bike with adjustable seat height and hand brakes.

1888 vintage bicycle patent drawing
1888 Chain driven bike with frame suspension.

1888 Chain driven bicycle patent art
1888 Chain driven, with big fenders. Antique faded paper background.

1887 Chain driven bicycle patent art
1887 Chain driven bike with long handle bars.

1921 Bicycle pedal patent art
1921 Bicycle pedal for chain driven bike.

1894 Eliptical Gear bike patent
1894 Elliptical gear chain driven bicycle. Asymmetric chainwheel.

1895 Chain driven bike patent
1895 Chain driven bike with rear mud guard.

1891 large gear design bike patent
1891 Large gear bicycle with hand brake.

1890 Chain driven bike patent brake design drawing
1890 Chain driven bike with close up on the handlebars and brake mechanism.

1888 Chain driven bike patent drawing
1888 Chain driven bike with propelling levers.

1888 Chain driven bike patent drawing
1888 Chain driven bike with a spring seat.


Bicycle Patent Prints - Antique Background

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